IAVSD 25th International Symposium on Dynamics of Vehicles on Roads and Tracks

Call for Papers

Preparation of Full Paper

  • It is standard practice at IAVSD Symposia that full papers of all oral and poster presentations are provided to the participants at the beginning of the symposium.
  • Please prepare the draft of your Full Paper describing your research work on 6 pages maximum. Note that a revised version may be required from you after a quality review process to ensure that the Publisher receives final camera-ready versions in the specified formats as set out below.
  • In order to increase the scientific impact of the 25th IAVSD Symposium papers, the Symposium proceedings will be published online as an e-book on the Taylor & Francis CRCnetBASE platform after the symposium and will be indexed on multiple scientific databases including SCOPUS and ISI.
  • Therefore, it is MANDATORY to STRICTLY follow the instructions given in the template for Full Papers provided via the “SUBMITTING YOUR FULL PAPER” hyperlink on the Symposium homepage and NOT TO EXCEED THE 6 PAGE LIMIT.
  • Full Papers must be submitted in WORD format, as well as in PDF format, and must be camera-ready for the publication of the e-book.
  • For publishing the Full Papers online, a ‘Consent to Publish for Contributors to Book’ form has to be signed. The form is provided in the IAVSD2017.zip file available via the hyperlink on the Symposium homepage.
  • Both the full paper and the signed ‘Consent to Publish’ must be submitted by email to IAVSD2017@cqu.edu.au no later than 14 June 2017.
  • After publishing the e-book online, all corresponding authors of IAVSD2017 will get free access.

Submitting Your Full Paper To IAVSD2017

The following documentation is provided in the IAVSD2017.zip file available for download.

Download Full Paper ZIP file


  • Overview Instructions from Publisher (IAVSD2017ReadMe.pdf)
  • Full Paper Preparation Instructions (in PDF)
  • Full Paper Template in Word (B1PROCA4TEMPLATE.dot)
  • Example Full Paper (B1PROCA4EXAMPLEPAPER.doc)
  • Guidelines to Create PDF File and associated joboptions and ens files
  • Artwork Guidelines
  • Consent to Publish Form
  • T&F Copyright Permissions FAQs
  • Sample Permission Request Letter
  • Permission Verification Form

Please carefully read the above documents before commencing preparation of your full paper. The Full Paper Instructions document provides comprehensive information regarding the process to be followed in preparing and submitting your manuscript to the Proceedings Editors.

The Consent to Publish Form must be provided by each first author (on behalf of co-authors if applicable) when submitting the full paper manuscript. It is the responsibility of the author/s to obtain written permission for a quotation from unpublished material, or for all quotations in excess of 250 words in one extract or 500 words in total from any work still under copyright, and for the reprinting of illustrations or tables from unpublished or copyrighted material. A Permission Template Letter is enclosed. A completed Permission Verification Form and the obtained proofs of permissions should also be submitted to the Proceedings Editors along with the full paper manuscript. Permissions can be obtained either through direct contact with the copyright holder by sending the attached Copyright Permission Request Letter, or by requesting permission through the RightsLink / Copyright Clearance Centre (http://www.copyright.com/). When indicating where the content is to be republished, authors should select under Publisher: STM Signatory / Taylor & Francis. This should grant free permission (see also Sections 37-41 in the T&F Copyright Permissions FAQs attached).

Your full camera-ready paper in both PDF and Word files, together with the supporting documentation as set out above, should be emailed to IAVSD2017@cqu.edu.au no later than 14 June 2017.

Key Dates

14 June 2017Full Paper Submission Deadline

Information for Presenters

Oral Presentations

  • Oral presentations will be 25 minutes in duration plus 5 minutes discussion.
  • Times will be strictly enforced by chairpersons – presentations running over will be cut short.
  • Presenters are encouraged to practice talks and timing.
  • Presentations must be provided in PowerPoint format, 4:3 Slide Size.
  • Poster presentation PowerPoint slideshows should be emailed to IAVSD2017@cqu.edu.au by Wednesday 9 August if possible.
  • All oral presentation files for sessions on Monday 14th must definitely be received by 9th August, 2017 as opportunities to organise this on Monday morning will be limited.
  • Presenters must bring a second copy of their PowerPoint slideshow on a USB.
  • There will be opportunity to upload late changes (if necessary) in the Symposium ready room. This should be completed the day before each presentation.
  • Presentations must be checked by the presenter with the audio-visual technician in the speakers’ presentation room as soon as possible after registering at the Symposium venue.
  • Presenters should arrive at their session room, introduce themselves to the chairperson and familiarise themselves with the audio-visual facilities including checking their presentation at least 10 minutes prior to session commencement.

Poster Presentations

  • Each poster presenter must present orally his/her poster (maximum 5 slides in PowerPoint, 4:3 Slide Size) during special poster sessions which will be held on the Tuesday afternoon (see Program Outline for more details).
  • Poster presentation will be 5 minutes only (No questions or discussion) and presentations running over will be cut short by chairpersons.
  • Poster presenters will be able to take questions and further discuss their work during the poster networking event on the Tuesday evening.
  • All poster presentation PowerPoint slideshows should definitely be emailed to IAVSD2017@cqu.edu.au by Wednesday 9 August.
  • Presenters must bring a second copy of their PowerPoint slideshow on a USB.
  • There will be an opportunity to upload late changes (if necessary) in the Symposium ready room before 4pm Monday 14 August.
  • Each poster board is 1.2m wide x 2.4m high, mounted vertically. Posters must be portrait A1 size, 594mm wide x 841mm high.
  • There is limited space in the Poster Display area and so it is not possible to accommodate posters in landscape format.
  • Velcro will be supplied by the Symposium organiser.
  • Authors must prepare all posters beforehand in a form enabling easy mounting.
  • Posters should be typed in clear bold print that can be easily read from distances over one metre with the title displayed in block capitals of minimum size 25mm (1″) at the top of the poster. The title should also display the names of the author(s) and the institution(s) of origin.
  • Contents should summarise the accepted paper, i.e., the study purpose/objectives, methods, results and conclusion(s).
  • Illustrations should be professionally drawn (hand drawn material will not be accepted).
  • All contents should be simple and not overburdened with detail – “minimising detail maximises information transfer”.
  • Authors may provide handout material relating to their poster.
  • All posters must be mounted by the author between 12:00 noon Monday 14 August 2017 and 10:00am, Tuesday 15 August 2017 and removed after 4:00pm, Friday 18 August 2017. All posters must be removed no later than 5:00pm on Friday 18 August.